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5 Legendary Moments in Esports History

Competitive gaming has experienced incredible growth over the past 10 years. Many esports tournaments can already offer gamers cash prizes that are equivalent to or higher than some Olympic sports. In pursuit of solid prize pools and championship glory, players consistently demonstrate an incredible skill level. Combined with a bit of luck, these skillful moves can turn into unforgettable moments. So, in today's article, we will tell you about a few of these legendary plays.

The $6 million slam in DOTA 2

In 2015, Evil Geniuses and the CDEC team managed to get to the Grand Finals of the most prestigious DOTA 2 tournament – The International 5. They competed in the best of five series, and EG was leading 2-1 after the first three matches. When the teams already had enough items for serious team fights, the viewers saw the finals’ climax. CDEC decided to take Roshan and assumed that EG would not contest it. But instead of giving the opponent the strategically important Aegis of the Immortal, EG's player Universe, who played as Earthshaker, jumped right to Roshan's pit, used the echo slam, and destroyed almost the entire CDEC team. This moment gave EG a huge lead and propelled them to victory. They won the final and got just over $6.6 million for first place.

The best Rocket League play ever

It was the seventh game of the Grand Finals of the Rocket League Championship series. Team Dignitas scored a goal 4 seconds before the end of the match, which should have guaranteed them the title with a 3-2 score. The only catch was that the match continued until the ball touched the ground, even if the time was up. Team NRG capitalized on this rule and scored an unbelievable goal that evened up the score and sent the match into overtime. This moment is considered the most clutch play in Rocket League history.

Daigo's surreal win in Street Fighter at Evo 2004

On the final day of Evo 2004, Daigo "The Beast" Umehara and his extremely talented rival Justin Wong pulled out one of the most iconic Street Fighter battles ever. Both players had one victory each, and the third fight was supposed to determine the winner. When Justin used his ultimate attack to end the match on a winning note, Daigo parried each of his 15 quick strikes. Considering that the gamers played on pretty ancient video game consoles, it was extremely difficult to avoid such a series of attacks. And yet, Daigo did it, won the loser bracket finals, and drove the crowd into screaming madness.

The League of Legends Worlds tournament opening ceremony in 2014

When it comes to epicness, not all legendary esports moments revolve around specific players. The organizers of video game tournaments do their best to please the fans and deserve their share of praise as well. In 2014, Riot Games decided to show the whole world that esports has already reached impressive heights and organized an opening ceremony that players admire even today. With live performances by Imagine Dragons and other musicians, this event showed all video game companies how exactly they should honor their biggest fans.

The fountain hooks by Dendi at The International 3

DOTA 2 has given players numerous unforgettable moments, and one of them definitely happened at TI3. The Ukrainian team Na'Vi wanted to reach the winner bracket finals and competed against the TongFu team, who managed to win one game against the former champions. Moreover, TongFu began to dominate the third decisive map, and Na'Vi executed a complex yet effective strategy to get a chance to win. Combining the skills of their characters, Na'Vi helped Dendi, who was playing as Pudge, hook the opponents right to the fountain. As a result, they managed to make seven significant frags in this way and ended the best of three series with a win.

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