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African Hip-Hop Artist Teams Up with Crypto-Casino

World-renowned and novel gaming experience casino provider, Bitcasino, has teamed up with notorious African hip-hop artist King Kaka. The ambitious marketing campaign is captivating in its objectives and is not the typical approach taken by enterprises seeking to make a splash in a new market. Crypto-based gambling has been gathering momentum around the world over the past 12 months, and Bitcasino will seek to position its product as the perfect solution for this newly discovered market demand.

The Bitcoin gambling market is an enormous and untapped opportunity. Gamblers, entrepreneurs and collectors have discovered the relative power of this payment protocol. ©QuinceCreative/Pixabay

The other members of the corporate casino business in Africa have not attempted to meet this demand, and with interest high across the two main verticals; crypto and gambling, the presumed market size is worth the risk. Conceptually, Bitcasino offers an interesting unique selling point. That is allowing an unrivalled utility mechanism for holders of popular cryptocurrencies, whilst delivering a superior quality sportsbook stacked with odds for the biggest matches in the world.

Tech and gambling haven’t quite reached the level of synergy that those in the West have exemplified in recent years. The symbiosis is reaching a level that has been long overdue. Consumers in Africa have been in need of a major improvement in the quality of the product landscape. In an interesting twist of momentum, it does now appear that Bitcasino may be the one to truly disrupt this legacy market with a brand-new piece of ground-breaking technology.

How the African casino consumer responds to this new form of gambling technology depends on three fundamental factors. Firstly, how far does the affinity towards cryptocurrency really stretch amongst the digitally connected African consumer. Secondly, will the quality of the user experience be good enough not to off-put those that are not interested in learning a new payment protocol. And finally, will the regulatory framework in Africa remain elastic enough for these types of novel payment systems to exist with impunity.

Bitcasino to Offer a VIP Experience

To make the big splash needed in their market entry strategy, Bitcasino has outlined a comprehensive package of VIP experiences that they’ll execute against with the help of famous rapper, King Kang. The money-can’t-buy experiences are causing quite the stir across the market, and consumers have been lapping up the teaser marketing material in preparation for the official launch of the platform this year.

Experiences cover a broad range of interesting propositions. With sports playing a major part of the betting product suite, it’s no surprise that the majority of the VIP experiences that have been outlined in this proposal are focused on the football business. Premier League matches watched with celebrities in private boxes are part of the VIP experiences promise. Quite the prize for a consumer in this part of the world.

On top of this amazing utility that Bitcasino are prepared to deliver on, there is the plan to build a real-world brick and mortar casino labelled the Bombay Club. This awesome reimagination of the highly successful and profitable online casino will feature all the same hallmarks as the digital version. Stacked with luxury, the Bombay Club will offer casino goers a delicious array of fine dining opportunities and feature the very same dealers that are seen on a daily basis in the online casino verse.

Background and Vision of Bitcasino

At this point, it is probably worth quickly running through the basic background and growth story of Bitcasino, and then explaining the trajectory this brand is on. The company was founded in 2014 as part of the Yolo Group parent company and remains a leading bitcoin-focused betting operator.

The company has quickly established itself as the best provider of gambling-based products that can be staked on with Bitcoin. The payment on-ramping innovation is central to this product, and the proprietary technology developed by the company helps thousands of companies play an enormous range of casino games on its servers day-in-day-out.

Bitcasino has prided itself on building a trustworthy and reputable product that captures the spirit of gambling and crypto in an equal fashion. How it will hold up when they launch this new ambitious marketing campaign and make the splash on the market is yet to be seen. But it’s right to say there is great anticipation around all elements of this project.

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