Apple Gives Developers Six More Months

Apple has given the developers additional six months to ensure that their applications are fully updated for iOS.

The IT specialists have an opportunity to develop their gambling applications until March 3, 2020. Afterwards, Apple’s App Store will remove all non-native applications.

Earlier Apple announced that any application not built-in for its operating system will lose the opportunity to be used for winning lotteries, real money gaming and making donations.

This announcement puzzled the gambling industry because most of the iOS apps are built as ‘container apps’ where an iOS frame is developed around an HTML5 product. This is typical practice in the industry as it allows saving more money and time. 

According to the expert in digital marketing, creating a fully native iOS application in such a short period is a very complicated task. In his opinion, to meet all the requirements it is necessary to have a big team of talented and skilled developers.  

Companies that will not comply with this demand will not get their applications updated for iOS. Apple will also probably reject updates to non-compliant apps. It is most likely that customers will not be able to download updates to such products that are already installed on their phones.

As mentioned earlier, Apple’s management staff has expressed the company’s interest in crypto assets, calling it a solid invention with the potential of becoming a reliable method of payment.

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