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Can the Browns Still Make the Playoffs? Here's How They Can Do It

As we get closer to the sports betting launch in Ohio on Jan. 1, residents eagerly await being able to bet on their teams. Ohio online sportsbooks are ready to take their bets.

For Cleveland Browns fans, that means they’re asking the question, can the Browns make the playoffs? The answer is yes, they still have a mathematical shot. 

Though they stand at 6-8, the Browns’ playoff odds are now at +2500, according to BetMGM Ohio App. So, that “No” number still ranks strong at -10000.

As for their Super Bowl Odds, Cleveland is at +15000 to make it to the championship game and +30000 to win it at Caesars Ohio Sportsbook. 

We are talking fractions of a percentage. Even making the postseason is almost a pipe dream at a 3.85% chance.

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Browns Playoffs Odds & Super Bowl Odds: Week 15

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Here is how the sportsbooks have the Browns.

Operator Playoff Odds AFC Odds Super Bowl Odds
Caesars Cleveland +2500 Cleveland +25000 Cleveland +50000
BetMGM Cleveland +2500 Cleveland +25000 Cleveland +50000
Draftkings Cleveland +1500 Cleveland +10000 Cleveland +20000
Fanduel Cleveland +2500 Cleveland +25000 Cleveland +50000
BetRivers Cleveland +1500 Cleveland +10000 Cleveland +20000
Unibet Cleveland +2500 Cleveland +25000 Cleveland +50000
Bet365 Cleveland +2000 Cleveland +12500 Cleveland +25000
Pointsbet Cleveland +2500 Cleveland +15000 Cleveland +30000
Betway Cleveland +1500 Cleveland +10000 Cleveland +20000
Superbook Cleveland +2500 Cleveland +25000 Cleveland +50000

Winning the AFC North will not happen. The division title will go either to the Baltimore Ravens or Cincinnati Bengals. It is the playoff race or bust for the Cleveland Browns.

Plenty of outcomes need to go the way of the Cleveland Browns to stay in the AFC playoff picture and get an NFL wild card via the final spot. There is no margin for error, as winning is the only option for the Browns.

Cleveland already got a huge break in Deshaun Watson’s home debut. The Browns did not have to face the Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson. Instead, backup Tyler Huntley was under center as the Ravens were held to a mere field goal. Something tells us the Browns will need a lot of breaks to climb in the playoff odds past teams like Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins.

Again, every week is a battle from here on out. Even the New Orleans Saints are not pushovers here. The Saints have a formidable defense and still possess a remote chance of winning the NFC South. A win from the Cleveland Browns sets them on the road as Watson gets a better and better command of the Browns’ offense.

Cleveland is just another NFL team that is at least still playing meaningful games to end the 2022 season. In the National Football League, you beat the teams in front of you and win. Play well enough, and the playoffs become reality.

Browns Playoff Scenarios

Losing is likely not an option, as wins are the name of the game. A 9-8 record would give the Cleveland Browns a fighting chance of making the postseason. Anything less likely means Deshaun Watson and company are eliminated.

The Browns only ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers in terms of tiebreakers now. The Las Vegas Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars have the same record but a better conference mark. These are teams the Browns would need losses from.

The best Browns in playoffs scenario involves them snaring the sixth seed, but the Miami Dolphins and the Los Angeles Chargers would need to lose out. Again, the Browns have zero head-to-head tiebreakers there, either. The final three contests are all winnable. That starts on Saturday at home versus the New Orleans Saints. Again any loss knocks them out of a playoff spot.

With AFC teams like the New York Jets and New England Patriots ahead of them, they seem like stepping stones, but again, Cleveland needs at least two losses from each of those teams. Then, the Browns must win on the road twice to close the season. The Washington Commanders are fighting for a playoff spot themselves. Even the Pittsburgh Steelers can change the odds for the Browns in one game. That is the regular season finale, by the way.

Could one imagine a Week 18 where the Browns need a bunch of teams to lose among the Patriots, Chargers, Jets, Dolphins, and more? This would be so Cleveland, given their history of near misses, whether it be the regular season or the postseason.

Can Deshaun Watson, a former top draft pick of the Houston Texans, guide the squad to the second season? Someday the Browns might get to the level of the Bengals and Ravens. 

Browns Last Playoff Win

The last playoff win for the Cleveland Browns came on Jan.10, 2021, over the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

The Browns had to beat the Steelers on the final Sunday of the regular season just to make the playoffs in the first place. 

That was the year the Browns won 11 games but finished third in the AFC North. The Steelers won the division and the Baltimore Ravens were second. The Cincinnati Bengals were last with a 4-11-1 record.


Do the Browns have a chance at playoffs?Up Arrow

Yes, mathematically, the Cleveland Browns currently have a consensus chance to make the playoffs at 3.85%. Last week’s win against the Ravens kept the Browns alive. But the odds are long.

Are the Browns completely out of the playoffs?Up Arrow

No, but the Cleveland Browns playoffs chances are slim. One more loss puts Cleveland on the golf course. The Bengals or Baltimore will take the AFC North.

What has to happen for the Browns to make the playoffs?Up Arrow

The Browns need help. They have one game left at FirstEnergy Stadium. Cleveland needs to finish 9-8. Then, the Browns need either Miami or Los Angeles to lose all three games.The New York Jets and New England Patriots would have to lose at least twice. Finally, Las Vegas and Jacksonville would have to lose once, or Tennessee would lose twice, and the Jaguars win the AFC South.The odds are long. However, never say never in the crazy NFL playoff picture. After all, going into Week 15, even the Steelers have a chance.

Can the Browns win the Super Bowl?Up Arrow

The Browns have a 0.192% chance of winning the Super Bowl or +50000 odds at this time. Some books up that to about 0.5%. However, the consensus is the Browns will have a better chance with a full year of Deshaun Watson. An Ohio resident probably has a better chance of winning the lottery than Browns winning the Super Bowl.

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