China Became the Top Spot Country in Earning in 2021

The global esports industry has faced a new leader in prize money for 2021. Currently, China takes the first position in cybersport earnings after a three-year gap. According to the esports news media, the Chinse players earned $27 million in prizes during 2021.

Since 2017, China has been struggling to get the leading position in this regard. Until 2021, the US position was stable, first place in earnings. Following the 2021 report, the US players earned $22.8 million prizes. While the US cybersport market was going down, the Chinese players increased the total earnings (from $17.9 million to $37.1 million).

Compared to 2019, when the US players earned $43.6 million, the 2020 results were significantly lower ($23.1 million). Following this tendency, 2021 total earnings were counted by $22.8 million, and the annual number of US players also decreased.

Another discovery of the year is Russian cybersport players. In 2019, they couldn’t even be in the top 10, but in 2021, they held the third position after the US esports athletes with the total earnings of $21.9 million.

The next countries are South Korea ($11.6 million) and Ukraine ($10.3 million). The top-10 list continues with Brazil, Japan, the UK, France, and Denmark.

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