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Five Crazy Things That Happened at Esports Tournaments

Esports competitions do not always go the way the organizers would like. Unexpected things can happen in the entertainment venues that host these events. Players can do things that no one expects. In addition, gaming equipment also often surprises gamers during tournaments. This article focuses on some of those memorable random moments that have created even more hype around several competitive events.

Costly controller malfunction

In July 2019, one of the high-caliber Call of Duty players competing for the $200 000 prize experienced a controller malfunction right in the middle of the match. One of the triggers on his gamepad stopped responding correctly. And although the gamer had another spare controller, it did not save him from defeat in one of the most important matches of his career.

Extremely busy schedule

This story revolves around Overwatch player Joonas “Zappis” Alakurtti, who became the victim of unusual circumstances in 2017. He was supposed to participate in the first match of the prestigious Overwatch tournament on the same day that his friend got married. Joonas made a compromise and succeeded in both tasks. He did not miss his friend's wedding and won an online match in the hotel room that hosted the ceremony.

Strange sponsorship promotion

A few years ago, Daigo “Beast” Umehara entered yet another Street Fighter competition and did something inexplicable. While playing as Guile he managed to knock out his opponent for the second time. And right after this victory, the player used a few-second pause between rounds to grab a can of Red Bull. Daigo's opponent was confused by such behavior. And although Red Bull was Uhemara's sponsor, this fact does not justify such unethical actions.

Unlucky nap timing

One of the professional CS: GO teams had to leave a serious tournament because all its members were late for a crucial game. After a superb win, they decided to take a nap to get rid of jet lag before the next match. But this move has cost them a lot. The incident did not mean a complete disqualification for all players. However, the team stepped into its next best-of-three series with one technical defeat. As a result, it lost the series and left the event with $20 000 instead of the $50 000 that was at stake in its last series.

Non-standard approach

There are numerous weird things you can see in the gaming world, and this case is surely one of them. There is a player who attends competitive events regularly and always plays with the controller upside down. Even though this method seems inconvenient, the gamer shows surprisingly good results. Moreover, he is proud of his playing technique and makes YouTube videos to highlight this unusual skill.

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