Google Informs about Issue with Real-Time Reporting in Universal Analytics

The major search network has warned users of its Universal Analytics service about an issue with real-time reporting. Google says that the reports may contain inaccurate data. This, however, concerns only the Universal Analytics properties. Google Analytics 4 isn’t affected by this issue. Learn more about the latest social media updates on the GBC Time website.

The data that is missing from the Google real-time reports aren’t lost forever, though. All metrics can still be tracked in other reports. Google asked users that experienced issues with real-time data accuracy to switch to the GA4 platform. So, it is likely that the issue won’t be fixed any time soon.

Google plans to drop support of the Universal Analytics platform on 1 of July 2023 and adopt GA4 as a new and only standard. This issue with data accuracy, however, may accelerate the switch to the new properties.

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