History of 5 Famous Casinos

The casino business is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most profitable sectors worldwide. When it comes to casinos, it is all about the luxurious and unforgettable experience. GBC Time has collected the top 5 greatest casinos of all time and reviewed their histories.

Las Vegas, Macau, Dubai, and many other gambling centers welcome tourists from all over the world. Casino hotels and regular land-based casinos open their doors and gather millions of visitors annually. So what are the greatest casinos of all time? What are their histories of foundation? And how did they become the most luxurious establishments worldwide?

Casino di Venezia

Casino di Venezia was founded a long time ago in Venice, Italy. It is also included on the list of the oldest casinos in the world. What can be even more romantic than a luxurious casino located right on Venice's Grand Canals?

Casino visitors have access to more than 600 slot machines and table games like French roulettes, blackjack, various types of poker, etc. Nowadays, Casino di Venezia has been financially successful and stable earning around $2 million as of July 1, 2022.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Monaco is another popular city among gambling tourists. There is a ton of casinos with unique design, histories, and offers. One of them is Casino de Monte-Carlo – which opened in 1865 in Monaco.

The architecture project for this casino was created by the popular French architect Gobineau de la Bretonnerie. So the whole building looks like an exquisite creativity.

The game library includes more than 500 games including poker, blackjack, slot games, etc.

The Stardust Casino Hotel and Resort

When it comes to popular casinos, it is impossible to not talk about Las Vegas. This city has also an incredible history of transformation into a regular city with no uniqueness in the legendary Las Vegas. Find the history of the city here.

In 1958, there was built the Stardust Casino Hotel and Resort in the gambling capital of America. Right after the official opening, this casino got the title of the biggest hotel in the world. Eventually, this casino expanded even more.

The Stardust Casino Hotel and Resort has gone through a lot of transformation and rebranding. Finally, in June 2021 Stardust was renamed Resorts World Las Vegas.

The Venetian Macao

Annually, Macau welcomes millions of tourists. And of the most inviting casinos for people worldwide is definitely Venetian Macao Resort, which value is over $2.4 billion. The popular casino resort was opened in 2007, and right after its foundation, it was titled as one of the largest casinos worldwide (550 000 square meters).

There are four different themed areas in the casino:

  • Golden Fish;
  • Imperial House;
  • Red Dragon;
  • Phoenix.

Visitors have a chance to play more than 800 table games and 3 000 slot machines.

Marina Bay Sands

This is probably one of the newest casinos on this list. In 2010, there was built the most expensive casino property in Singapore. The owner is the big company Las Vegas Sands – originally located in Las Vegas.

Marina Bay Sands includes four levels and thousands of games including 2 300 slot machines. On the upper level, visitors can go to exclusive salons like High Limit and Ruby & Paiza.

The owners also plan to improve the casino by investing over $3.3 billion in 2026.

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