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Industry Steps into the Future at Official Opening of Biggest ICE London on Record

A delegation of VIPs representing the global reach of the ICE brand, officially opened the 2020 edition of the world’s favourite gaming technology show, at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London’s Docklands.

The ribbon cutting ceremony, attended by representatives of the gaming industry media corps, signalled the opening of the biggest ever edition of ICE London, which in 2020 comprised 633 exhibitor brands, from 67 nation countries, occupying 40 of the 44 halls at ExCeL London.

Kate Chambers, Managing Director of organisers Clarion Gaming, made a comment on the event, “We go into ICE London 2020 on the back of some significant and, most importantly, some consistent growth and this year is officially set to be the biggest edition on record.”

She continued, “In 2020 we have expanded a number of ICE London’s most popular features and added some new ones, not least the first ever ICE Esports Arena which is co-hosting a $250,000 US prize money tournament on the showfloor. This year’s edition features a significantly bigger Consumer Protection Zone which has raised £65,000 to be presented to the industry’s gambling charities. Add to this our Pitch ICE initiative for fledgling businesses alongside upwards of 70 first-time exhibitors and you have an incredibly exciting, vibrant and best-in-breed gaming technology proposition with the focus firmly on the future.”

It should be noted that ICE London is held from 4-6 February at ExCeL London, UK and the event is free to attend. In order too register, visit

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