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Internet Vikings readies itself for launch of sports betting in Massachusetts

Sports betting was approved in Massachusetts earlier this year, with the state congress and senate approving a bill during the final hours before the summer recess. And now, it appears that betting providers are preparing themselves for the launch of sports betting in the notoriously sporty state, which is the home of the Boston Red Socks, the New England Patriots, the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics.

Internet Vikings’ CEO and Founder Rickard Vikström said of his company’s readiness to support sportsbooks and sports betting companies in the state: “I consider Massachusetts to be a significant step in our US expansion.

“The state’s local authorities passed the law allowing sports betting just over three months ago, and it is already attracting a lot of attention from many B2C operators and B2B suppliers. It is important that we are ready to support our clients when sports betting fully launches there.”

Meanwhile, Internet Vikings’ COO Kristoffer Ottosson added to Vikström’s statement: “While our launch in the state of Massachusetts is indeed an achievement, we are not planning to stop here. As the US market experiences further active development, it is becoming increasingly essential that we progress hand in hand with it.”

The full launch of sports betting is expected to happen in Massachusetts circa early 2023, with some reports saying it could be ready in time for the Super Bowl. However, this does mean bettors in the state will miss out on the chance to gamble on the up-and-coming FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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