Leadership of CS:GO in 2020; Dota2 and LoL Were Struggling

Even though the esports industry is the increasing trend, the financial results are not so positive for tournament organizers. 2020 ended with total domination of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) in all the parameters. Login Casino always follows the latest esports news, presenting and explaining the data from the latest report.

The final table of the most valuable competitive cybersports disciplines in 2020 has revealed interesting results. Being one of the most popular games for years, CS:GO overcame its recent rivalries in the quarantine affected period. Nevertheless, Dota2 and League of Legends (LoL) are also in the top positions, while some other interesting games have been quite successful in 2020.

The biggest total prize pool

CS:GO showed a dominant win in this category as all the tournaments gathered almost $16 million, compared to $22M in 2019. The second place belongs to Dota2 with slightly more than $9 million ($47M in 2019), while League of Legends has gathered $8 million ($9.5M in 2019). The absolute leader of 2019, Fortnite, was down to almost $7.9M from an incredible $71.6M. The other top positions in 2020 belong to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ($6.3M), PUBG ($5.4M), and Rainbow Six Siege ($5M), while others have been less productive and drawn  fewer than five million dollars.

Number of tournaments

This criterion partially explains the domination of CS:GO, as there have been 570 tournaments during 2020 (834 in 2019). For instance, Dota2 suggested only 146 events in 2020, but the inability to hold the International (with prize pool $30M+ for a single tournament) significantly hit this cybersport discipline's result. The number of Fortnite events has dropped by almost four times to only 104 tournaments, which is also a significant decrease. Although LoL organizers were able to hold the World Championship in 2020 in Bubble format, the total number of events fell to 65 in 2020 from 173 in 2019. Among the unexpected leaders in the number of events are Starcraft II (368), VALORANT (291), and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (236).


Number of players

Another criterion of secondary importance is the number of players who have participated in the counted number of events. According to the portal, there were 2862 CS:GO players in 2020, which is a crucial decrease compared to 3897 in 2019. However, such a drop directly correlates with the number of tournaments and is not surprising. Among the other top positions by this criterion are VALORANT (2137), Fortnite (1467), LoL (1320), and Dota 2 (937).

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