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Meta Keeps Incorporating AI Technology into Platforms

Meta Platforms Inc. has currently been not in the easiest operating period in Europe. Ireland’s data authority is aimed to block the Facebook platform from sending the users’ data to the US. However, the difficulties with the data sharing policy do not hinder the leading social media company to launch new systems and various tools. Find more news on the GBC Time website.

The Irish authority has informed the EU Commission about the planning shutdown of Meta platforms. And the main cause is the massive users’ data transport to the US. It has been several years since the European authorities is fighting Meta’s data-sharing policy.

In 2020, the European Court of justice banned a pact on the data sharing process between the EU and the US. It may be known as Privacy Shield. The majority of the US technology companies use standard contractual clauses (SCCs) as a juridical tool. But the recent Ireland authority’s decision means that Meta should stop relying on SCCs as well.

More AI technologies on Meta

Meta has launched a new AI system for translation in 200 languages.

The new model is another step in Meta’s plan on launching the universal speech translator. The social media giant is sure that such a model will be an essential part of the platforms’ development.

In such a way, Meta will understand the users worldwide better. Moreover, the AI model is key to the advertisement system improvement.

AI verification on Instagram

It seems like Instagram never stops launching more and more updated tools for the improvement of the users’ experience of use. At this time, Instagram has been testing the new verification tools with AI involved.

Instagram is planning to use AI technology for kids’ verification. In other words, the minors’ faces will be scanned by the platform. However, such an update caused some discussion among the parents. The users are currently worrying about their privacy while using Instagram.

However, Meta has assured that the new technology would not identify a personality, but the age. According to the company, after the face-scanning is done, Yoti – the AI technology provider will delete the video.

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