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Metaverse Size Growth: the Analysts’ Predictions by 2028

Zion Market Research has researched the Metaverse market and counted the expected size of $400.5 billion by 2028. In 2021, the market’s value was worth $47.49 billion, and from 2022 to 2028 the analysts see a 39.5% growth. Below you will find the leading drivers of Metaverse income increase in the future. Find more news on the GBC Time website.

The Zion Marker Research experts imply 5G, cloud computing, and edge technologies as the key to the rapidly developing Metaverse market. North America will also face market growth soon in case of the US Metaverse market development.

Considering the further VR and AR development direction, the experts expect these technologies to become the leader by 2028. The next-generation innovation will definitely be the VR and AR creatures.

Among the key players in the Metaverse market are Roblox Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, the Sandbox, and others.

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