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MiFinity launches MiFinity Bonus site

The eWallet company’s new site will offer customers exclusive deals and offers from its partners across multiple industries – as part of its affiliate programme.

MiFinity CMO, Paul Gent, said of the new site: “The ability to create personalised, relevant and timely campaigns is something all marketers and affiliates need so they can target the right people at the right time.

“As an eWallet provider, we can use our platforms to communicate with our partners’ customers and showcase their brands and deals differently.

“Helping our partners stand out from the crowd, ensuring their messages aren’t lost in someone’s inbox or newsfeed and helping their customers find the content they want to engage with.”

MiFinity Affiliates was launched at ICE in 2022, which marked an effort by the eWallet company to move further into the gambling market.

Paul Kavanagh, CEO of MiFinity, said of the 12 months since the launch: “Our commission rates are highly attractive, and we pay revenue commission on all Transfer To and FX fees and lifetime commissions paid on signups to MiFinity through our affiliates. And we have also built a strong team with years of experience working with brands to drive conversions and revenue.

“The launch of MiFinity Bonus site provides us and our partners with another platform for customer engagement: a platform that customers are already actively seeking out and visiting regularly.”

Last year, MiFinity also launched its Virtual IBAN to help improve its payments platform, providing greater control over their accounts and how they transfer money.

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