Online Casinos Are Well-protected, but Is It Enough?

There are gambling establishments whose main aim is to fool the punter for the sake of their own financial gain. In this article, we will discuss the tricky, fraudulent casino schemes that are possible to be faced on international platforms.

What experience do foreign players have regarding the protection of personal data and funds? The first thing that should be mentioned is SSL. This type of cryptographic protocol has been created to protect personal information with the aim of its secure transmission. Basically, it’s a method of information coding. Virtual gambling establishments with such a certificate are the most reliable platforms. If the casino does not have such a certificate, players cannot be sure in the security of their personal data since the information that is not properly protected can be transmitted to third parties. The main rule of all the virtual gambling establishments is a prohibition on personal data transmission since the absence of such a protocol makes it impossible to guarantee the security of one’s personal account.

The second method of protecting gamblers is blockchain, which is being progressively implemented in the system of casino payouts. A blockchain casino operates on the basis of smart contracts, which means that the amount of revenue is calculated and then automatically goes to the user’s crypto wallet. All the transactions are carried out without intermediaries, which increases the speed of processing. Due to the blockchain technology, personal data is stored on many PCs, therefore this data cannot be changed, which decreases the possibility of fraud. The casino stores the information publicly while players can get access to it and check it anytime. Using this technology in gambling provides several advantages:

  • anonymity;
  • a small fee and fast transactions;
  • transparency of the payment system.

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Reliable live casino

The gambling industry reaches out to a large group of players who prefer live communication with dealers, a high-resolution picture as well as the atmosphere of a real casino. In order to do it, gaming content creators open studios with live streaming of games.

Reliable live casino

More than 90% of all gamblers prefer virtual casinos. Besides, 77% of all the respondents gamble for fun and are not professionals.

Basically, these types of establishments are the most reliable ones for several reasons. The first one – the game takes place right in the face of the user, therefore neither the dealer nor the opponent can fool the player.

The second one – such projects cannot be called widespread, the cost of creation, as well as expenses for maintaining such an establishment, are rather high, which is why hardly anyone will risk their reputation for the sake of grift.

Smartphone app

There are also other methods with the help of which gamblers can protect themselves against identity theft. The application like 1Password provides a possibility to store all the passwords on the device it has been installed on. Synchronization with accounts does not happen and the program cannot transmit the information to other devices. In order to receive access to the application, one has to undergo two stages of authorization process.

Popular fraudulent schemes, or deception for money

Here are a few schemes that casinos use in order to fool their clients:

  • Tightened up slots. This method is used only on platforms without licenses. It is important to be very attentive when choosing the web resource for gambling. It is preferable to select licensed portals. Thus, administrators will not be able to influence the gaming and payout processes.
  • Non-payment of winnings. Sometimes even licensed casinos delay payments. For instance, before withdrawing money they can ask to provide documents for personal identification. But in this case, as a rule, all the withdrawals take place within the period identified by the organizer.

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