The Six Invitational Is Coming – Who Will Take the Final Spot?

Esports events and tournaments always gather cyber athletes from all over the world, and Six Invitational is not an exception. One of the most expected competitions has already provided a closed qualifier preview for the teams. There are four of them, and you can find the list below. Find more news on the GBC Time website.

Rainbow Six Siege Global Circuit calendar is always full of competitions and events for the leading esports teams from the regions. The teams can get their chances to get involved in the event thanks to the results during the whole season. However, the latest four teams get their places through the last chance qualifying tournaments. 

Europe's Closed Qualifier is already started. And four teams will be competing for the last place:

  1. MNM Gaming (the UK);
  2. Team Vitality (France);
  3. cowana Gaming (the UK);
  4. Team Secret (the EU).

They will compete for the wanted title this weekend.

According to the teams’ experience during this season, Vitality has more international experience than other teams on the list.  However, this team’s path was not always stable. During the year, Vitality was showing promising results, but the players were bounced out of the tournament on the group stage. They made the Major and it was a significant achievement.

Cowana Gaming also went through some difficulties this season. However, in the previous year, the team had been showing stable successful results in the region game.

Other teams were going through the unstable tournament results, too. However, all of them made it and now the last step is left to the biggest win in their career.

Format of the event

The tournament will be a double-elimination bracket. The teams will be up to 3 wins before the grand finale, which includes 5 wins.

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