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Unibet launches in the metaverse

Unibet has released a new user experience in the metaverse, the virtual platform that enables people to interact with a digital environment.

The Unibet Arena will provide people with the chance to explore a number of sports and casino game challenges.

Players will be able to play football, tennis, basketball and poker games, as well as take part in boxing matches.

Each sport has its own dedicated arenas and mechanics for players to experience.

There are a total of 14 different challenges for players to complete, including secret areas and bonus games.

Pierre Reboux, Marketing and Sponsorship Manager for Kindred, said: “In line with our Kindred Value, ‘We seek to innovate,’ we have decided to explore this new territory.

“While many ‘universes’ are available for brands within the metaverse, we have decided to collaborate with The Sandbox, a French online gaming platform that offers a unique and immersive experience to become the first betting experience in their platform.”

Unibet will also provide a responsible gaming house to ensure Unibet’s tools are accessible to players in the metaverse.

To support the release, Unibet hosted social media contests to reward players with exclusive trophies.

The Unibet Arena launched during French Week, a celebratory event that showcased 14 French brands and their products in the Metaverse.

Unibet is a global brand of Kindred, that offers sports betting, casino games, poker and bingo in over 20 different languages.

Recently, another of Kindred’s proprietary platforms was approved for the New Jersey market.

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