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Weird Japan Gambling Rehab Center – Everything You Need to Know

Gambling addiction is a serious problem, which has been at the center of global attention for the latest decades. However, a lot of the countries and gambling authorities keep proving more establishments to help gambling addicts to go through this problem. Below, you will find a detailed guide to the Day Observation Center (DOC) in Ichinomiya City. More articles on the GBC Time website.

This establishment is considered to be unusual and unique thanks to the irregular tools of the treatment process. The casino room is also located in the center, which is also a part of the rehabilitation for gambling addicts.

The DOC is a territory of about 6 000 square meters. Thanks to the insurance system, people are serviced with a long-term care group.

More than 250 people attend an establishment daily. Compared to the data around Japan, the DOC welcomes 10 times more people. Therefore, this center is obviously one of the biggest and leading rehabilitation centers in Japan.

Casino room in a rehabilitation center?

Casino in the DOC has the purpose of gently taking the person away from the source of addiction. Instead of money, people use grains with the image of the center's logo.

The casino visitors can earn some “money” or get a prize by playing blackjack. Talking about the bet size, it is just 1 000 grains. In the case of winning the amount is doubled. Moreover, another way to earn a prize is to participate in an additional rehabilitation program. The center is interested in the maximum involved process of treatment. The visitors to the center must be intrigued by the treatment to get better results.

For instance, the training with suspension straps is entitled to 1 000 grains, going up or down stairs lead to 100 grains, helping to fold clean towels – 300.

How to spend the grains?

There are a few ways to spend the grains including:

  • Order a cup of coffee at the cafeteria;
  • Get the nail done by the nail tech at the center;
  • Get other services, etc.

DOC CEO shared personal thoughts on why this center includes a lot of advantages for gambling addicts. “Older people find it difficult to manage money. The opportunity to earn money with some effort allows you to experience the joy of earning money and its subsequent use, motivates you to engage in rehabilitation, and makes the process interesting,” – he said.

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