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What Are LoL Patch Notes?

Developers create patches, for example, LoL patch notes or Fortnite patch notes 9.10, for a more enthralling and more interesting game. Find out what patch notes are, how to use them and why it can help you to win. Read our cybersport news to find out all updates for the games.

LoL patch notes are an important piece for understanding and knowing better a patch. And the first thing that must be clear is what patch is.

A patch is a set of changes for a computer program or its data. It’s used to fix, add or improve the game. This update also is used for fixing some bugs and security vulnerabilities. So gamers use it to make a game, even more, better than it was at the start. Developers are trying to prolong the loved game with some new patches.

What a patch note explains about:

  • ranking changes;
  • champion;
  • items;
  • runes balancing;
  • bug fixing;
  • new champions;
  • new skins.

lol patch notes

Why are League patch notes needed?

It’s necessary to understand all the changes in-game for great results in cybersport. Gamers are watching all updates to know about champion buffs or nerfs, damage, the potential of a burst, and killings in matchups.

What can be affected by patches in League of Legends:

  • miscalculation of damage;
  • throwing a lane;
  • lead of the gamer;
  • wrong accuracy of the game.

The period of publishing League of Legends patch notes

The notes have been published every two weeks. But it can be an immediate patch for a quick fix of a game balance.

For those who want to know the whole Patch Schedule, there’s a table on the official website. Here gamers can see all announced patches for 2021.

How will betting become higher with LoL patch notes?

Since patches can change the whole game and factors of the matches, the results of betting can change too. If you know how some teams react to the changes, you can win.

How to use League patch notes for rates

Here are some tips and things you should note:

  • track the teams and find out which ones better adapt to patches in the game;
  • rate on the teams with poor synergy;
  • look at specific champion pools of the players (if a patch change involves buffs / nerfs to certain champions);
  • check esports betting websites.

LoL (League) patch 9.15 review

league of legends patch notes

It can be helpful to review some patches that attracted a lot of attention of the users. One of these patches is patch for the League of Legends 9.15 version.

Buffs of Mid Laners:

  • Xerath, Lissandra, Leblanc, and Syndra got a few minor buffs;
  • nothing has changed in the game rules;
  • Xerath’s ultimate range became 5000 at every rank;
  • Syndra and Leblanc both got some damage buffs;
  • Lissandra got a slight increase in base health, as well as a 15 percent damage increase on her ultimate.

Buffed Vayne and Lucian:

  • Vayne now does 150 percent of Condemn’s damage;
  • Lucian gained 5 damage for a shot on his ultimate at level two and 10 at level 3.

There’s no legacy cursor anymore. Riot officially removed the bronze glove.

A bugfix by Riot:

  • Malphite’s Q went to slow for 5% more at every level;
  • Malphite’s W will do more cleave damage;
  • the cleave damage will work with Hunter’s Talisman.

Return of the Project Skins:

  • new skins will come to Pyke, Irelia, Jinx, Akali, and Warwick;
  • Irelia got a special Prestige Edition skin.

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