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What Forms Huge Pokimane Net Worth Except Twitch Popularity?

The development of streaming platforms transformed some dedicated gamers into people with millions of net worth. One of the most popular female Twitch streamers and YouTubers, Pokimane, has millions of subscribers and comparable numbers in annual dollars' income. Who is she, why is this streamer so popular, and how much does she earn?

Even though traditional television is dying at the moment, people don't lose the desire to watch something on the screens. The primary behavioral change is related to watching something you want anytime and anywhere, but not on the fixed schedule and with tons of annoying advertising. That is why digital platforms like Netflix, Youtube, or Twitch are gaining momentum and increasing the most active content makers' revenues.

Another modern phenomenon is cybersport popularity. According to the latest esports news, soon, the industry will reach $1 billion in capitalizations. Logically, when streaming popularity is multiplying with the gaming trend, it creates good preconditions for large earnings. Thus, Twitch streamers are already earning millions of dollars, and one of the most popular and sexiest females in this new type of broadcasting is Pokimane.

Pokimane Twitch Activity

Pokimane is the alias of Imane Anys, a Moroccan-Canadian girl who was born in 1996. As one can guess, the popularity came to her via the Twitch streaming service. Her passion for playing League of Legends and sharing the screen at the same time led her to almost 500 000 subscribers in 2017 and let her enter top-100 Twitch most followed individuals.

Such popularity forced her to leave the university and focus on content creation for digital platforms. Just in three years, now, she has more than 6 million subscribers on Twitch, making her the most popular female on the regarded platform. Actually, being a hot Twitch streamer is a profitable activity at the moment.

What are other sources of Pokimane’s income?

pokimane net worth

She is also active on other broadcasting and video platforms. Thus, Pokimane has three channels on YouTube, with the total number of followers reaching almost 5 million, while the total number of views is more than 350 million. One of the channels is ASMR-oriented, which relies on causing tingling sensation via relaxing and whisper sounds that activate an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). However, creating such content is often linked with sexual seduction due to tingling sensation reaction, so the girl was accused of abuse to some extent.

Pokimane is also one of the popular Offline TV founders, which is the union of creative media personalities based in Los Angeles. However, her activity in this group decreased recently. She also has a seven-digit number of subscribers on TikTok, confirming her media reputation.

Of course, such popularity among subscribers was noted by the representatives of the advertising industry. Sponsors are ready to pay crucial sums to attract such a successful media individual for brand-promotion campaigns. According to rumors, she has signed the sponsor contract for about $3 million. Besides, she has a deal with HyperX – a gaming gear producer. Thus, her keyboard, mouse, and headset are of the famous brand, which is surely paying her for appearing on streams with the particular gear.

Pokimane net worth 2020 results

Considering all Pokimane's activity mentioned above, one can easily assume that her net worth reaches seven-figure amounts. However, such a result was achieved by her in the previous years as diverse outlets were reporting about 2 million income just after her 'Twitch Streamer of the Year' award in 2018.

pokimane twitch

In 2020, her net worth is probably twice bigger if her 3-million sponsorship deal is true. Thus, she is easily earning about a million dollars, having such a crucial number of subscribers. In sum, her approximate net worth in 2020 exceeds $4 million.

Even some sort of scandal, which is about her without make-up appearance during the stream, cannot poison her income. Such provocative and shaking events usually only increase the person's attention, especially if it's an attractive or sexy girl. A simple googling of make-up-free Pokimane photos can cause a new wave of subscribers, which has found its positive mirroring on her income.

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