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Home » Worldpay: UK betting to rise 15% during FIFA World Cup vs Euros 2020

Worldpay: UK betting to rise 15% during FIFA World Cup vs Euros 2020

The provider notes this increase is expected despite the current cost-of-living crisis currently gripping the country. 

Data from Worldpay from FIS shows 2.5 million were processed during the Euro 2022 tournament, with a total authorised value of circa £50m ($59m).  

The surge the provider anticipated for the World Cup 2022 is expected to grow even larger if England progress into the knockout stages of the competition.  

Worldpay from FIS predictions were made by its Gaming Vertical Lead Senior Director Alex Morgan-Moodie.  

Morgan-Moodie estimated the first World Cup match between Qatar and Ecuador would see 7,000 payments per minute made at operators. This is due to the game being a standalone encounter, at an attractive 4pm local time for UK bettors.  

The Worldpay Director also expects high betting volumes for home nations, citing previous data which shows betting volume for England can be up to 20% higher when compared to other matches in the group stages of the competition.  

Furthermore, Morgan-Moodie believes the time of day a match is on has a marked effect on betting volume. This is from Euro 2022 data which revealed payments per minute were 15-20% higher in the evening compared to early afternoon and midday kick-off times.  

WorldPay data and Morgan-Moodie also revealed that betting volume is expected to build as the tournament progresses, citing Euro 2020 when UK sportsbooks saw 10,000 payments per minute before the kick-off between England vs Denmark in the semi-final of the competition. 

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