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Xbox Series S: Release Date, Prices, Pre-Order, Innovations

Microsoft continues increasing the impact in the esports and gaming industry, announcing the new version of Xbox. A new Series S can be bought in November 2020, and approximately will cost €300. Improved characteristics will make the gaming process even smoother and more pleasant.

The Next-generation of Xbox consoles will be available in the penultimate month of the year, while insiders name the precise date – November 10. Microsoft announced a promo-video for a new gaming product, which should continue domination in the gaming market.

According to the company's officials, Xbox Series S will cost about €300 on the EU market. At the same time, insiders of the latest esports news informed about 500 euros cost. However, the new console was developed to be more affordable due to coronavirus adverse financial effects. That is why it excludes disc drives, which allowed to make it smaller by 60% compared to Xbox Series X. Microsoft didn't announce any pre-order conditions, so Xbox fans will be able to buy a new version without additional requirements.

Why is Xbox so popular, and what is its share in the gaming market?

Xbox and Sony PlayStation consoles are holding a considerable share of the gaming market. That is because no cheating is possible on those platforms, while game developers are designing video entertainment that is comfortable to play on a controller. The official cybersports tournaments with massive prize pools, like on FIFA or NBA 2K, are organized on consoles only, even though PC versions are also widely played. Of course, there are some popular online shooters like CS:GO that cannot be played on Xbox or PlayStation, but Valve is constantly battling with vast cheating issues, which is absent while playing on a console.

To understand the scales and influence of Xbox in the esports, we will state a few numbers. The Xbox Game Pass achieved an impressive number of 10 million subscribers in April 2020. Interestingly, Microsoft develops a subscription gaming via all its platforms, including mobile and PC, while also testing cloud gaming at the moment. The prices vary from $5 to $15 monthly, which creates a vast gamers base and business potential. To understand the difference, PlayStation Now has only slightly more than one million followers, while Origin Access and EA Access achieved 5 million.

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